4 Things to Consider when Buying A Commerical Radiator

Purchasing a standby generator for your business is a big commitment that can pay off in a big way when disaster strikes.  When you can’t afford to lose business just because you’ve lost power, a generator can keep your business running smoothly.  There are a lot of variables to consider when picking out a standby generator.  Here are four that you shouldn’t overlook.

  1. Location, Location, Location

Your generator needs to be safe from rising water, but easily accessible for maintenance at the same time.  The right location for you might be indoors or outdoors, on a rooftop or near your main building.  Ask for advice when you get a quote from your certified installer, and make sure you know what building codes apply.

  1. Outdoor enclosures

If you decide your generator belongs outdoors, obviously it has to be protected from the elements.  Less obviously, you may have to contend with noise ordinances.  Your local installer will probably know the local laws, but make sure you know what sound-proofing you need to add to your enclosure.

  1. Types of transfer switches

Almost all emergency standby systems have automatic transfer switches.  What varies most is the size (amperage rating) of the switch, which is determined by the amount of power your generator will be responsible for.  Many other features, such as closed or programmed transition, are also available.  Ask your installer to learn which choices are best for your business.

  1. Accessories

You’ll have a choice of many accessories with your generator.  Most offer remote monitoring, cold weather accessory kits, and several communication options.  Which of these are requirements and which are optional will depend on your needs.

Precision Mechanical is your local source for commercial standby generators in Northwest Louisiana.  With our combined 20 years’ experience across all generator brands and 24-hour emergency service, we stand by our products and quality work.  Contact us for more information or get a quote today.