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What Size Generator Do I Need?

When investing in a generator, you’ll need to decide what size generator best fits your needs.  Generator sizes are measured in wattage, or how much power they produce.  To choose the best wattage for your home, ask yourself a few questions.  Do you experience power outages that last several days?  Do they occur during seasons when you need your air conditioner or heater?  Do you rely on any medical equipment?  When you know how much power you need, you can choose the right size generator.

2000 Watts

A generator that puts out 2000 watts can power a refrigerator and a few lights, plus charge a phone or two.  If you just want to avoid food spoilage for a few days, this may be a good choice.  However, in the heat of summer or the dead of winter, this size generator may leave you very uncomfortable.

3500 Watts

A 3500-watt generator will run not only your refrigerator and freezer but a sump pump or well pump as well as some lighting.  While this size generator won’t handle heating or air conditioning, it’s a good choice if you live in an area where you might need to run a sump pump to avoid water damage.

7500 watts

At 7500 watts, a generator should power your refrigerator, lights, and even a small central air conditioner or furnace.  This size generator will keep you comfortable regardless of the season.  Many generators of this size can be connected directly to your breaker panel for easy access.

10,000 – 15,000 Watts

Home standby generators in this range can handle all of your home’s essentials plus a water heater, larger air conditioning unit, and well pumps.  At the higher end of the range, you’ll be able to use some kitchen appliances, like microwaves and coffee makers, as well.

16,000 – 22,000 Watts

Some of the largest home standby generators, this range can keep almost your entire home running during an outage.  Using generators of this size, you may not even notice the power’s gone out at all, but you will need to be aware of your energy usage.

Precision Mechanical offers generators in all size ranges for sale or rent, and we can help you make the right choice for your home and your budget!  For more information or to get a quote, contact us today.    

Special Offers | Natural Gas Standby Generators | CenterPoint Energy

If you are a CenterPoint Energy customer, you can relax and enjoy these exclusive offers this storm season:

  • Save up to $1,500 off any qualifying natural gas generator. Offer ends on November 30, 2019.
  • Get a Free Automatic Transfer Switch (valued at up to $750) with the purchase of a qualifying KOHLER generator. Offer ends on June 15, 2019.

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Generators Give Peace of Mind During Spring Storms

It’s spring again and in the ArkLaTex, that means that storm season is upon us.  With every thunderstorm that passes through comes the risk of power outages due to wind damage, downed power lines or tree limbs, or lightning damage.  How long will your business be out of commission while you wait for the electric company to make their repairs?  How much food will your family have to throw out once the power comes back on?  The right generator can keep your business up and running or save your family money and stress during storm season.

Precision Mechanical provides onsite generators for commercial and residential use, from the best names in the industry, including Kohler, Cummins, and Generac.  We offer great financing options for this important investment. 

But if you’re not ready to buy just yet, don’t worry!  We also have rentals available with daily, weekly, or monthly rates, so you can cover your home or business through the stormy season.  Our rental units are trailer mounted with everything you need on board and available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

If you already have a generator an onsite, Precision Mechanical offers maintenance and load bank testing to make sure you’ll have the power when you need it.  Our technicians are factory trained and ESGA certified to provide you with the highest level of service on all major brands of generators.     

Precision Mechanical is your source for residential and commercial generator installation and maintenance in northwest Louisiana and the surrounding area.  We take care to make sure you get the right generator for your needs, and we stand behind our products and services.  For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact our office and enjoy peace of mind during this season’s storms.

Centerpoint Generator Program

We are excited to participate with CenterPoint Energy to provide exclusive discounts on backup generators to their Louisiana area customers.  Qualifying CenterPoint Energy natural gas customers are eligible to receive a free KOHLER automatic transfer switch, up to a $750 MSRP value with the purchase of a qualifying KOHLER generator* within promotional period of Oct. 16 to Nov. 30, 2018.*!

Give us a call at 318-746-8147 for a free, no-obligation quote.

*Offer valid on the following KOHLER generator products: 8RESV(L)10RESV(L)12RES12RESV(L)14RESA(L)20RESC(L), 20RESD, 24RCL30RCL38RCLB48RCL(A)60RCL80ERES100ERES125ERES and 150ERES generators.

Hurricane Preparation

It’s that time of the year for hurricanes again. According to researchers El Nino is known to warm the Equatorial Pacific Ocean every two to seven years which relates to the weakening of the hurricane season patterns. While forecasts may vary from one year to another, it only takes one storm to disrupt your life which is why it is best adhere to hurricane preparation.

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