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Hurricane Preparation

It’s that time of the year for hurricanes again. According to researchers El Nino is known to warm the Equatorial Pacific Ocean every two to seven years which relates to the weakening of the hurricane season patterns. While forecasts may vary from one year to another, it only takes one storm to disrupt your life which is why it is best adhere to hurricane preparation.

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Generator Maintenance

A planned and routine generator maintenance program will not only extend the life of your generator, it will also keep your generator working properly.  But most importantly it will ensure you to have power when you need it the most. Precision Mechanical Services can offer planned maintenance programs.  Our maintenance programs will take care of your generator system and keep it running at its very best which will help to detect minor problems before they become major, costly problems.

Our planned maintenance programs are flexible, easily adaptive to meet our customers’ needs, and are available in monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual intervals.  We adhere to all NFPA 110 standards, as well as, the manufacturer recommendations.  We service all major brands of generator systems and provides optional services such as load bank testing, system analysis, and upgrade programs.

Precision Mechanical Services is a trusted name in Louisiana, Texas, and Arkansas, providing generator maintenance services and support for your emergency generator systems. Don’t be left in the dark in the event of a power failure. Make sure your engine driven generator system is well maintained and tested to withstand an outage. Our EGSA- certified and factory- trained technicians will provide the generator maintenance services you need for optimal performance. For more information, give us a call today at 1-888-746-8147or 318-746-8147.

Some optional maintenance services we provide include:

  • Load Bank Testing
  • Fuel Testing
  • Oil Analysis
  • Coolant Analysis
  • Fuel Alarm Certification
  • Fuel Cleaning
  • Electrical System Testing
  • Wireless Monitoring

High-Tech Healthcare

High-tech Care Requires Reliable Power. We Get It.

Healthcare is changing rapidly, and hospital and clinic staff are working hard to improve patient outcomes while simultaneously controlling costs. It’s not a simple task, and it’s one that’s brought even more high-tech solutions to medical facilities.
We understand the complex needs of healthcare facilities—and we know power can be a life-sustaining necessity for patients. That’s why we offer custom, scalable solutions to keep patients safe and protect data.

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