Prepare Now for Winter Weather

Winter is about to arrive in force, bringing the risk of storms, freezing weather, and possibly ice and snow.  Along with winterizing your car, wrapping pipes, and covering the plants in your garden, you’ll want to check up on your standby generator to make sure it’s ready for anything the winter might throw at you.

Check your generator’s fuel tank to make sure you have enough fuel to provide all the power you need in the event of an emergency.  For propane-fueled generators, the ideal fuel level is between 50% and 80%.  Anything below 20% – 25% will not be enough to run your generator, so it’s important to check your fuel supply now and add fuel if you need it.  If your generator runs on natural gas, it should have its own gas line running to it.  Double check the line to your generator to make sure it hasn’t been accidentally cut off in the course of yardwork or clearing debris. 

Inspect the inside of your generator as well.  Rodents seek out the warmth and often chew on the wiring.  Ants and other insects can settle in and do plenty of damage to the circuitry that controls your generator. 

If you prefer to let the professionals handle your inspections and maintenance, Precision Mechanical offers planned maintenance plans that will keep your generator in top condition all year round.

Precision Mechanical specializes in installation, maintenance, and service of standby generators in Northwest Louisiana.  Our team has over twenty years’ combined experience in our field and we’re available 24 hours a day for emergency service on all brands and sizes of generators.  To request a quote or to learn more, contact us today.