Precision Mechanical

Our Services

Warranty Support Services:

Precision Mechanical works as the liaison between its clients and the manufacturer on all warranty issues. Generac has shown their confidence in the quality and reliability of its equipment by warranting the entire power generation package – engine, alternator, controls, switches, wiring, and other Generac generator parts. Depending on the product clients receive one – two years of warranty coverage.

Preventative Maintenance:

Commercial Generators, improperly maintained generators, transfer switches, and other Generac parts provide a false sense of security. Preventive Maintenance is essential in assuring system availability. Precision Mechanical has developed “best-in-business” maintenance practices, meeting or exceeding manufacturer recommendations. 

Our comprehensive inspections focus on early detection of problems, as well as immediate replacement of suspicious Generac generator parts. Standard operating procedures guide our technicians, each of whom are encouraged to take whatever time necessary to thoroughly evaluate the generator and its surrounding sub-systems.

24/7 Emergency Service:

Precision Mechanical’s philosophy is to aggressively and rapidly respond to instances of system failure with the right resources to ensure power is restored immediately. Precision Mechanical will provide on-call services with a guaranteed 15-minute call back and 4 hour on-site response. 

In addition, Precision Mechanical provides specific individuals’ names, phone #’s, pagers, home phones, etc. as part of our escalation practices. In general our escalation procedure is as follows: technician-supervisor-manager-senior management. During an emergency, the following procedures should be used to contact Precision Mechanical’s Service Operations Group. During an emergency, dial (888) 746-8147. State that there is an emergency service situation and give your name and company name, the telephone number to reach you, and a brief description of the problem.

After Hours Response:

When the Precision Mechanical Dispatch Center answers the call, the service coordinator will manage the response directly and give you an ETA (estimated time of arrival) for the Field Service Representative. 

If they are unable to give you an ETA, they will immediately contact an Precision Mechanical Field Service Representative who will respond to you by telephone within 15 minutes. Should you not receive a return phone call within 15 minutes, repeat the entire procedure.