Top Considerations for a New Commercial Generator

A standby generator is a great investment in your business and pays for itself in the time you won’t lose to power outages.  But there are a lot of variables to consider when purchasing a commercial generator.  Here are the first considerations you should discuss with a certified installer when getting a quote.


There are lots of options for where to place your generator.  Double check your building codes and find a place that’s accessible for maintenance but protected from the possibility of rising water.  The ideal spot for your generator might be on a rooftop, in a basement, or near your main building.  Your certified installer can help you choose a location when you get a quote. 


Outdoor generators need protection from the elements as well as sound-proofing.  Look up your local noise ordinances to find out the allowed decibel limit in your area, and your installer can help you figure out how much and what kind of sound-proofing you’ll need.  If there are trees surrounding your chosen spot, ask your installer about protection from falling limbs in a storm.

Accessories and Maintenance

There are plenty of accessory kits and maintenance plans to choose from when buying a commercial generator.  You’ll want to consider remote monitoring, cold weather kits, quarterly or monthly maintenance, and more.  Discuss your needs and expectations with your installer to figure out which of these are best for you and your business.

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