Precision Mechanical

Turn-Key Installation

Precision Mechanical offer turnkey generator installation which consists of interviewing our clients and providing a detailed site evaluation. We will take accurate measurements, observe the power load, gather appliance information along with other important factors to make sure that your generator is the sized right. A sized right generator is a generator that is able to handle the peak expected load.

Incorrect generator sizing can result in what is known as oversizing or under-sizing; experts have found that neither is good. An undersized generator will be too small to handle the load. You may experience issues such as trip circuit breaker, generator shut down, even having to juggle the use of appliances. Eventually the stress on the under sized generator will cause the life of your generator to end early causing a purchase of another generator.

On the other hand, an oversized generator, is a generator that is just too much for what it is being used for. An oversized generator will be costly upfront and can be expensive for general maintenance, repair and loading. Because an oversized generator will not be able to produce the horsepower it was designed to provide, it will eventually malfunction. the incorrect pairing of the generator and load will cause problems. you may experience an unpleasant smell, smoke pollution, and unsanitary breathing conditions leaving no choice other than to purchase another generator.

Improperly sized generator is expensive, inefficient, unsafe and should be avoided. Contact us at Precision Mechanical Services for turnkey installation. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of workmanship and business ethics. Our personalization is driven by Precision’s commitment to customer satisfaction. In these challenging economic times for business in our nation, “we guarantee quality work and stand by our products and services”.